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All 3' x 5' light polyester import flags @$7.50. Availability dependent on inventory (no special orders).
We will no longer be carrying these imported flags.

Blue Angels, Commitment to Excellence, Thunderbirds, TruckUS
3' x 5' light polyester flags

Just like the $15.00 ones but these are on Close Out special for $7.50.

3' x 5' Outdoor nylon screened

Illinois and Missouri state flags.

These are regular outdoor nylon flags that normally sell for $35.00. They are on Close Out special for $20.00

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Is your name Sam? Here's your flag.

It's an appliqued (on one side)
3' x 5' nylon flag that would normally cost $75.00, but the customer that ordered it originally, defaulted on the payment. So we have it on Close Out special for only $25.00

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This fully embroidered Fruit of the Loom 50/50 sweatshirt was selling for $35.00 but this is our last one.

It's a size small and it's in the Close Out department for only $17.50.

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3' x 5' outdoor nylon decorative flag.

Normally $35.00 it's in Close Outs for $20.00

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